Full Property Tree Health & Structural Assessment


Assessment Will Include

1)  Tree Identification :
We will Idenitify and label the trees on your property so that you can get to know your trees more accurately and directly as well as to ensure accurate diagnosis.

2) Tree Structural Assessment  :
Your trees will be assessed for structural stability in their limbs, trunk and root structures.

This assessment answers the questions of how safe or hazardous are your trees.   We will provide a recommended trimming/removal estimate/plan for each tree. The    prices we will use will be based on Industry Standard Pricing (ISP) so that you can have an unbiased standard to compare to when you are hiring a company to take care of your trimming or removal needs.

3) Tree Health & Nutrition Assessment  :
Each tree will be assessed and tested for nutrition/mineral levels within the tree,   Pest & Disease Assessment, and Soil testing to assess the quality of resources     your trees recieve from the earth.

We will write up a plan of action to help you be aware of your trees' needs and what their specific requirements are.

4) Tree Value Assessment  :
Trees add a great deal of value to your property both financially and directly through providing shade, absorbing ground water and preventing it from seeping into your basement and cleaning/providing clean air to breath.

This aspect if the assessment will list the diffent values that your trees add to your property and your comfort.

5) Strategic Tree Planting Education   :
Maybe you are thinking about plnting a tree or two to fill in a space, create more shade, foresightfully replace a tree that is declining in health.

No matter your reason, we can help you intelligently select tree variaties that will grow well in Your yard.

6) Detailed Written Summarized Report of Your Tree Assessment :
You will recieve a very detailed multi-page report that summarizes in clear, down to earth language - the conditions of, recommendations for, and Universal Standard Pricing associted with all recommended action.

This assessment is intended to provide you with the knowledge nessisary to make informed and intelligent choices concerning your tree care needs.

The benefit of this report/perspective, you can never be quite sure if you are getting the straight perspective. Often companies are biased to their profits and may or may not be recommending the right care.

We have no skin in the sales game. Our purpose is to give you an unbiased   perspective of your trees condition and then provide you with the knowledge to hire the right people at the right prices.

Pricing for this service is based on a sliding scale that is based on the number of trees that you have on your property.

Count the Number of trees on your property and then Contact Us and we will be able to give you a quick quote with a price to come out and complete a tree assessment for you.

Email: Contact@IndyAsh.com

Phone: (317) 524-1660